Breathing- It is important to survive and to relax our bodies. Oh and our minds too! When you are feel stressed and you just want to scream, cry, give up, curl into a ball, or sleep; try this breathing exercise.

Lay on your back on a comfortable surface (your bed, couch, floor). ((Oops, almost forgot to tell you make sure the door to the room is SHUT! This is your time)). Now close your eyes; try to shut everything off that is circling through your mind- I know easier said than done! Nonetheless, place one hand on your belly, right underneath your belly button and the other at your heart. Pretend that you have a balloon in your abdomen; every time your breathe your chest is going to rise and you are going to fill that balloon up. After you inhale hold your breathe for a 2-3 seconds and then as you release think of all the negative energy going out the balloon as you exhale.


Inhale the positivity; exhale the negativity! 


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