Full Body Circuit

Ever wonder what exercise is right for you? There are so many suggestions, quizzes to find out what you should be doing for your body shape. But what about doing a workout or exercise that you feel the results a few hours later or the next day. What about seeing the results from that workout and others two weeks after you started? Well- full body circuits will do that. These circuits touch each and every last muscle of your body! You do not have to do as many reputations as suggested or as much weight as they say- but just give it a try and let me know what you think!

Let’s start with this workout:

Grab a set of weights and get ready to work your butt, back, legs, core — and just about every other part of your body!:

Some of these exercises are going to be hard or seem impossible! Just starting off is all about finding your “comfort” zone for a few weeks. So if you can’t do that plank with reverse row go on your knees and try it or the side plank push-up (these are tough!!) do regular push-ups on your knees or toes or better ab workout hold a side plank!

Just TRY it! 


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