Welcome! I am a health and wellness enthusiast as well as a massage therapist. Being a healthier you and having it be balanced is a challenge that I strive for each and everyday. But there are days that I want to curl up and give up. I know some of you can relate to that! During the past six years I have transformed myself from obese to anorexic to fit (or at least what I think is fit). I struggle each and everyday with body image and eating what I should and can for my body.  Here is my real battle of becoming a fit and balanced women.


This is my journey of becoming healthy. The most recent picture is me at my wedding! In the black dress I am down 50 pounds; in the grey shirt I am down 95 pounds and in the purple shirt I am at my heaviest (240 pounds). PicMonkey Collage

As much as we all say that the number on the scale is what matters most- I can say that it doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is how much weight I can swing with a kettlebell, how long can I hold a plank for, and how many miles total I do at the gym. As the saying goes, ” The number does not define who you are”. This is a true statement; it may take you a while to feel that the number on the scale and the number for your size does not matter. Yet, when you do find yourself not looking at the numbers you may feel like you are free and that you can now LIVE!


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