Holding onto Hope

Sometimes the only thing that we as humans can do it hold onto the hope of reaching our goals. It is hard to realize that our hopes and dreams don’t become our reality. We try so hard to show our commitment to our goals; but what if those goals are not achieved? How do we know if and or when we will feel whole?

Holding onto hope is what keeps us going to achieve those goals. It is what allows us to dream, allows us to think that one day our hope will turn into a reality. For me; I really wish that those companies and individuals that I interview with see my potential, commitment, and overall attitude to do the best job I can. Sometimes holding onto hope is like the feeling of holding on for dear life. It raises the questions of what if; can I do that; how can I achieve this?

Holding onto hope is a personal journey….they are your hopes and dreams and only you can make them a reality.




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