We all know what it takes to find love and continue to be in love with someone. But what about loving ourselves. There are so many different poems, quotes, and advice out there to find that right person for you. Yet, how do we know we love ourselves. Many think that in order to find love they need to be with someone to show them that…. what if you loved yourself before you found love and it lasted longer?

The poem of Love Rules is seen everywhere (including my office), but what if we have a Body Rules? There are tips and tricks on how to really understand and get to know your body-but we may not take all those into consideration.

Love Rules poem says:
Never take each other for granted. Remember to still go on dates. Try something new together. Say “I Love You”. Remember why you feel in love. Respect each other. Be spontaneous. Celebrate the special days. End an argument as soon as possible. Be willing to compromise. Grow old together. 


My personal Body Rules would say: 
Never give up. Remember where you started. Try to live life. Look at yourself and see all that you have accomplished. Remember why you started getting healthy. Respect what my body is telling you. Be strong. Celebrate the milestones. End negative body image. Be willing to see results. Become who you want to be. 


What would your Body Rules say? 


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