In need of an energy boost

It’s around 3 o’clock on a busy day at work. You have accomplished so much already and you start to feel like you can just put your head down and take a nap. Believe me you are not the only one who feels this way.

In the traditional Chinese medicine clock states that the Bladder is the one causing you to feel tired. From 3-5pm it is the home stretch for most jobs; you are almost in the clear to head back home. But how can you change those 3 o’clock blues? Here are 5 tips to help with those energy blues.


5 tips to help beat the 3pm energy blues

  1. Don’t skip breakfast. If you do, you’re more likely to eat a bigger lunch because you’re super hungry. In turn this can make you more tired as your body works to digest it.
  2. Stay hydrated. This reminder never gets old. According to the Mayo Clinic even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired.* Although water is the best and healthiest choice, keep in mind that all liquids, including juice, coffee and even your soup, contain the necessary liquids to keep you hydrated. Just don’t wait until your thirsty to drink. By then you’re already dehydrated and on the fast-track to fatigue.
  3. Don’t skip lunch. Whether you skipped breakfast or not, sometimes schedules can be so busy there doesn’t seem to be an opportunity to eat a proper meal at noon. This not only translates to lower blood sugar levels, your concentration also takes a hit. Don’t become irritable and reach for sweets or caffeine for some ‘quick’ energy. Nothing can substitute a good, healthy meal for productive energy levels.
  4. Have a mid-afternoon snack. Skip the coffee or donuts (chocolate bar, can of coke, etc) and top up your energy levels with a healthy snack. Long-lasting energy snack ideas include bananas (or apples) and peanut butter, dried fruits and nuts, as well as whole grain, high-protein bars.
  5. Get active. When that good ole bump on a log feeling starts to settle in – don’t let it. Get up and take a walk. Not to the coffee machine! Get outside and take a brisk 10 minute kind. Fresh air stimulates the brain and helps revive your senses and energy levels.

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