Faith is defined as ‘complete trust or confidence in someone or something’. Some grow up believing that our faith is about going to church every Sunday to believe in what we are told. But what if that faith is hard to believe in when we don’t have faith in ourselves?

Growing up I was raised Catholic; I went to church every Sunday and CCD until I made my confirmation. But since then things have changed…. their belief system doesn’t really line  up with my own. Everyone’s beliefs and faith are different; which makes us all different. I love being able to turn to someone who has higher power and just simply talk to them.

Faith, pray, and believing don’t all have to line-up. To believe is to have faith. It is mostly understood that those who follow a faith more need to pray in order to have belief. In some cases that is not the truth. Simply talking in your head or out loud when you are struggling, need help, or just simply need someone to talk to is what faith is. You put your complete trust into a higher power in order to relieve what is going on in your life. Sometimes you may think that your words aren’t really heard because you don’t see a change. But that doesn’t mean that you weren’t heard.


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