Fit or Skinny

We all have our ‘dream’ bodies. Whether it is having a flat stomach, being able to see our toes, wear a bikini, etc. We all have goals that we want to reach…but what if being skinny isn’t really what is cracked up to be.

It doesn’t matter if you are skinny; it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are fit. As Americans we tend to see being skinny equals being fit. I am not saying that it is better to be overweight or obese. According to my weight and BMI I am classed in the overweight/obese category. Yet; I work out 7 days a week at least an hour a day and I do various activities. When I am at the gym I have others looking at me for the workouts that I do because they are strenuous and look complicated and hard…but I love my workouts. My trainer/friend calls me a beast- I find my beast mode each and every day that I lift weights. Am I skinny-not by any means.. do I wish that I was of course. But right now I am learning to love my body for what it does for me each and everyday more than how it looks.

Looking around the gym or office we compare ourselves to each other like I said before in another post. We wish to be skinny like that one or be able to wear that outfit. But have you stepped back and looked at what your body does for you?

Being skinny isn’t a goal that you should set for yourself. The goal setting you may want to start is how far can I go without stopping on the elliptical, how many miles can I do, how much weight can your body and your mind lift?









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