Putting ourselves first

Most if not all individuals struggle with putting our needs before others. As a female, I make sure that my husband is taken care, the puppy and one day the kids before I ever get time to myself. As much as we struggle to figure out how to have “me” time; it may be because our “me” time is making sure the ones we love are taken care of.

“Me” time does not have to be a full day alone; it can be as simple as taking a shower without anyone coming into the bathroom, knocking on the door, or screaming your name. Having time to yourself is just as important as helping others that you love.

Here are some ways you can have some “me” time without feeling guilty:

-Go for a walk/run

-Read a book

-Take a bubble bath

-Get a massage

-Go for a mani/pedi

-Start a new hobby

– Finish a project


Just remember that taking care of you is the reason you can take care of others!



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