We look in the mirror more times than we may drink water. But looking in the mirror we only see what others see….what if that wasn’t what you see when you look in the mirror? There are days that you wish you could have a flat stomach and not have a ‘flat tire’ look when you sit down. And then there are days that you think of all what you body does for you.


A mirror is a reflection of yourself. But what you see in yourself is the true mirror. Struggling with seeing what other people may see is more common than most think. How can we increase the satisfaction of liking what we see? Start with a mantra that you either write on the mirror or on a piece of paper. Look in the mirror and write down what you like that you see and maybe some things that you don’t like. While you look in the mirror; have a friend look at you and write or draw what you see and vice versa. You may understand better what others see and you don’t.

But most of all remember that your physical appearance is just the cover of your own book.



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