We all fall from the same nut tree. Yes, there are times that we can take spending time with them and times where we can’t. But they are family. As much as the saying ‘you can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends’ is true. My family members are my friends. I am lucky enough to have cousins that are close to my age and we all mostly get along.

But recently; it seems that after I got married things changed. The dynamic of my relationships changed and I am not so sure of who to blame. I spent the whole weekend with my mom’s family and I loved it-but a piece of me felt like I am no longer as present in their lives as they are mine.

Family means everything to me personally, they are the only ones who actually understand me and get my craziness. Growing up we always had our traditions of Christmas mornings, Easter egg hunts, Fourth of July sparkles, etc. But we also had more than that; we had dress up, pool parties, movie marathons, birthday parties and sporting events of cheering each other on. Since then we have all grown up and gone our separate ways and it seems that we only get together at events that are planned… there are no more spontaneous trips to Target or laughing around the dining room table. When did things change?

For me personally; my family members are my support system. They are the ones that I turn to for help, guidance, laughter and love. We all have to look for that in order to strive to become the best us.




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