Being in the present is hard for most; we tend to worry about the future or how the past has paved the path we are on now. How do we know that this is the path that is right for us? I believe that there are reasons behind what happens in our lives…just not patient to figure out why or what comes next.

“Let go and let God.” We may see this and hear this saying often. But what if you have let go and trusted God to show you his plans for you and nothing happens? Does your faith go away… maybe not completely..but it is tarnished. Growing up we are taught and made a habit of praying every night before bed time; going to church; going to CCD classes. And once you hit that age to make your confirmation-some of us don’t want to do so because we not believe in everything we were taught since now we can actually think about what it means to us as an individual.

Spirituality does not have to be performed in a church or praying to God or the man above us. It can simply be having a conversation as your are driving, working out, on the computer, waking up, etc. either in your mind or out loud.  Spirituality is just the feeling of being able to talk to someone even if the person isn’t present. We all have different beliefs and that is what makes us different. Yet, if we are all in touch with our spirituality we are connected in ways that may not seem possible.



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