Brain vs. Body

Ever have the craving for something besides what is on your “Safe list of foods”? Wondering why that is?! We all crave different things during different times. For women, we crave sweet and salty during that time of the month. Guys may crave a certain beer or meat. But why is it that when we are in a particular mood we are craving a certain type of food.

Food and Mood

Think before you eat-are you bored?! The most important question I was taught to ask myself to make sure to better understand food and hunger was: Can I eat an apple? If you ask that question to yourself every time you may think you are hungry then you may see the results you are looking for. If the answer to that question is yes- you don’t have to eat an apple…it just means your hungry. If the answer is no- then walk away and go do something that will take your mind off being bored.


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