Grocery Shopping and Obesity

You know the saying ” Don’t go grocery shopping hungry”. Well ain’t that the truth!! I went to one store for an hour and a half- no temptations there! Went to two more stores and saw some Easter candy on sale- oops needless to say I gave in and bought some. Temptations are everywhere!  Look at where the sugary cereal is on the shelves- at the bottom; aka eye-level for children!! But yet, we don’t try and fight the obesity rate growing in children. Yes, I grew up obese and it absolutely sucked. I was bullied and will never forget the names that people called me. Anyway- sorry off topic!! Nonetheless; it does have something to do with this post I promise 🙂

I walk in any store and especially the grocery store and sometimes get mad. I get mad because of what I see in the cart where a 4 year old child is sitting in the seat and holding onto cookies. Yes- I shouldn’t judge! But, when this child is in a size 6/8 in girls  or boys doesn’t hear the word ‘NO’….it is hard to think of how we as the adults can change their thought process.

Grocery shopping is hard for any parent (no, I don’t have kids- but have babysat and ran errands with kids). But when is it okay to continue to allow your kids to eat what they do when in all honesty the future will not be bright for them in terms of self-esteem, fitting in, and they may not live as long as you.

I know this is harsh to read and hear; but it is the truth… so let us stop and thinking of switching the candy bar for strawberries.




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