Guilt vs Living

Why is that when we are trying to live a healthy and balanced life we forget to live while doing it? It seems like we can’t be okay with eating too much bread or too many cookies when we are watching what we eat. I struggle with this personally each and everyday. I say that I am living my life, but am I really if I am not letting my body get the foods it may be craving?

“Everything in moderation” is the saying that we all know. “Do not deprive yourself of foods”- that is what a nutritionist might say. These quotes/sayings are both try but how many of us actually think it is okay. I can tell you that I woke up this morning and thought there will be no snacks of chips, chocolate, or anything else that is not on my routine. Well, to be honest it may happen….my body may crave a handful of goldfish, or a handful or dark chocolate chips. Yet, my brain won’t let me be okay with doing that; I will have to work 10x harder tomorrow to work it off in order to feel okay about it. And that is not okay….

We need to learn how to shut off the guilt and turn on the living switches. Life is short, so enjoy it; including the treats that you may have!!


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