Happiness is a word often used to describe how one is feeling. But how do we reach that feeling? Is it by being with the ones you love; by cooking a meal; relaxing on a beach?

How do we know that we are in true happiness?! For me I love to spend time with my family and friends- but am I always happy when I am with them. The answer NO… there is so much going on in my brain that it may just be that I am not in the moment with them. We all choose our destiny which include careers, getting married, having children, naming your kids. But does that destiny always have a happy ending?

There is a silver lining in everything that happens- but we always seem to ask WHY!? Choose happiness is easier said than done; just like being okay with what happens when deep inside all you want to do is scream and cry.

Do we cover up when we are feeling down to be able to not have those around us be worried? Of course- I did it yesterday. It is never the goal to have to put that brave face on; but we may do it so those around us aren’t too worried about us.

Have you ever felt like you are failing in life? Been stuck at a cross-roads of what to do; second guessed your CHOICES to work hard and receive a degree that may have been a mistake? OH OH PICK ME!! Those are the emotions that I am going through now. Is is healthy to feel that way-not sure, but with today being St. Patrick’s Day I hope that the Luck of the Irish is on my side.

Emotions= Living no matter if they are negative or positive. 

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