How you ever felt like you weren’t enough? The goals that you set weren’t being reached- health  personal, or professionally. Yup; felt it a lot lately. What do I have to show for the accomplishments that I have received. Worked my ass off to do well in all my schooling-it paid off to be able to get jobs and a degree. But is it fulfilling enough for me?!

I keep asking myself this question over and over again. I struggle knowing that right now I need to rely on my husband’s income and unemployment to make it work. Yes, you are probably thinking why aren’t you working at any place?! Well, I feel like my skills are unique and I want to be able to build upon those skills to find my “dream” job.

Growing up I never felt enough…I had an older sister that could sneeze and she would get an A, on the other hand I had to work hard to get average grades. Did I ever fail anything- no! But did I feel like I failed as a part of the family… in a few ways. Don’t get my wrong my family members are my biggest supporters and my best friends, but having that pressure on you to make them proud was hard. Being the youngest daughter; the third oldest of 10 grandchildren; and the youngest on the other side for 10 years; I got picked on, compared to (or what felt like it) but yet my grandma always knew that I marched to my own drum.

So, I guess I am enough. My accomplishments are enough. Now if I can only be enough of a candidate to get that job- it would be awesome.

Believe in yourself and you will continue to be enough…no better than enough.



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