Size- does it define who you are? It is just a number. As I was growing up I would hear “remember everyone comes in all different shapes and sizes. I never knew what that meant until I understood it as I got older. My size has changed from when I was younger to now; I am taller. But what about the size number drives us to be obsessed with it?

As the saying goes: “age is just a number”, so why should it matter what my height is or my weight. As long as I am at a healthy weight then it should be okay. WRONG!! I grew up thinking that I needed to be a sized triple 0 to be able to noticed by guys and by girls for that matter. I wanted to feel included, cool, to be able to just fit in. Yet, this generation growing up now has amazing role models of those that are not a size 2 but are healthy and confident in themselves.

Why can’t size be equaled to confidence? Why does a pair of jeans have to come in a number?! I love the Special K commercial where there are no sizes on the jeans, but feelings of how you will feel after you put them on.

Size only matters to a society that brings light to it- but now we have role models that are proud of their curves!



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