No I am not about to lecture anyone on how to listen to someone else- we all have had those since we were younger! What I am going to talk to you about is listening to your body.

We all may struggle with getting to the gym or making time to just go for a walk. I get it! Maybe not as much as those who have children struggle, but I get it. Your body may not scream I need to get moving- yet, I am sure you can feel it in your bones that are aching right now.

Listening to yourself is something that is easier said than done…we all struggle with putting ourselves first before others. What would happen if one day a week you had an hour to yourself? You wouldn’t be able to relax- hundreds upon thousands of questions, worries, concerns would be running through your mind during that time.


Here is your homework and PLEASE feel free to leave comments below!! Take 10 MINUTES of ONE day this week to center yourself. Center yourself with the breathing exercise under the tab “breathing” and really focus on what your body is telling you. It may say I need another cup of coffee! Stop eating so much sugar! Get moving!

Whatever it is…remember it is yourself that is telling you what YOU need!


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