“Dreams do come true!” But do they really? I dream that I am a size 2 and do not have to deal with body image or wondering if eating that stick of gum is going to put any more weight on me. Dreams may come true to small things…but sometimes you feel like what you hope for will never happen.


There is no person that can tell me that they have never dreamed for more success, to look better, feel better. Dreams, wishes and hopes are what keeps us going to strive to reach those goals. Some may seem impossible while others are simple. Most of our ancestors came to the United States to live out the “American Dream” and they did, but what about our dreams now? Why not wake up one morning and think today I am going to start crossing things off my hopes and dreams list!


So let’s start today with making our wishes, hopes and dreams come true! You are the destiny of your future! 


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