As you can see I missed a blog yesterday- well I was sick in bed most of the day and just did not have the energy or eyes to look at a computer screen. As I woke up yesterday at 5:20 am hearing the dog whine because she had to go out wasn’t the worst noise…it was what was going on in my head. I couldn’t move, couldn’t find a comfortable spot; couldn’t decide if I wanted the blankets on or off. Well needless to say my amazing husband worked from  home to make sure I was okay.

That kind of love and support you don’t see too often. I grew up in a family that shows their love each and everyday.. including my extended family. I see more of one side of my family regularly than I see my other side. Yet, they each show their support in a different way.

My family is my everything and that includes my husband’s side of the family even if it is not as big as mine. Support of something so little as to make sure you are okay and making the choice to work from home was an awesome feeling yesterday. Does it suck that I got laid off from my job about 6 weeks ago and I feel like absolute crap because I can’t find a job?! Of course it does! Nonetheless, I have my family to support me.

Support in any area of your life is very important to success in your journey. When have you not heard “I’m behind you 100%” or “what makes me happy is seeing/knowing your happy”. The words may mean nothing, but the actions mean everything.

Think of your body as a support system to reach your success. Is it the support it holds when you climb stairs? Is it the support when you do a triceps dip? No matter what the situation is SUPPORT= SUCCESS! download (1).jpg


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