How many of us have tired to count calories or points and have tired to lose weight? You may have lost some weight, but a few months down the line you gain it all back and then some!

There are different diet fads out there that say they can help you lose x amount of weight in x amount of time. But the real questions to ask are is it safe, will this “fad” work for me, how true are the success stories? I started Weight Watchers when my mom did years ago… it was difficult for me to remember to write everything I ate that day done. Then I gave up and just lived live as a regular kid. Then when I graduated from community college in 2010 I decided to start going to the gym and counting calories using a track.

It worked!! Finally something that I understood and saw results from doing! Yet, I still wasn’t happy with my weight..so, I decided that numbers where more important and only eat less than 1,000 calories a day and used a heart rate monitor watch and had to burn over 1,000 in  my workouts. That too is unhealthy!!

Fad diets,  Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Herbilife, and whatever else is out there they says can help you lose weight are only a temporary solution unless you win the lottery because these “diets” can tend to cost a lot of dough- and no not cookie dough!!

For me knowing that dieting is a word that you can use to tell your family and friends why you aren’t eating or drinking as much. But it just shows your brain and body that this is a temporary solution. When looking at any diet or trying to lose weight- think of it as a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHANGE!! This change does not have to be crazy at first; maybe start to drink more water and cut out soda or juice. Once you start the lifestyle change of eating healthy then you will feel healthy!


Your body is NOT a Yo-Yo… yes your weight may do that, but a diet shouldn’t make you feel like you can go up and down each and every day. I am not saying don’t treat yourself- Hello we all want something sweet for our sweet tooth! I am saying don’t over do it. You want to sustain that yo-yo and do all fun kinds of tricks- like walking the dog.



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