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Comparing oneself started probably when you were born. “Oh, she looks just like her sister!”; “Well, her sister gets better grades than she does…but she is trying her best so that is all that matters.”

Why does it matter who we look most like in our families, how well we do in school and how much you weigh? Comparison on some days may be fun to see who has bigger muscles, but how many can say that they don’t look around at the gym or at the store thinking “I wish I was a skinny as she is”; or who that guy has awesome arms- why don’t I have those?

We all need to remember that we are who we are for a reason. Us women we have more fat on us for birthing children even if sadly you cannot have children-it’s a scientific fact! (look it up if you don’t believe me) Men are more substantiate to having more muscle definition. As individuals- see what I said there? we are individuals. We are HUMAN!

When you hear, see or feel yourself start to compare yourself to another person whether it is a family member or a complete stranger-think of what YOUR body has and can do for you. For me personally, I can swing a 45 pound kettle bell with no problem- but can I run more than .25 miles? (no but that will change soon). You are who you are for a reason, you may just not know that specific reasoning right this moment. But there is a plan for everyone out there and you just need to be able to ride the ride even if it is like a roller coaster of emotions and life events.



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