Bullying- what is it exactly? Pushing and shoving someone else out of the way; making some cry while others laugh at the jokes you say about them?

Bullying in schools can lead to young kids are committing suicide because they have been teased for too long. The bullying may seem like harmless, but to a young kid that is dealing with self-esteem issues, not fitting in the clothes that other kids are wearing from the department store, and may not be the best at sports. But then again this kid shows up for school on time in hopes of having a “normal” day without getting picked on for the next eight hours.

What gives anyone a right to pick on someone else? Don’t we pick on ourselves enough in front of that mirror everyday?! You may like your smile, your eyes, your hair. But what about the rest of you- your top half versus your bottom half? I can say that being in the health and wellness field there is a small percentage that do like what they see in the FULL LENGTH mirror.

Some may think that being bullied only stays with you during that time that it is going on- WRONG!! It stays with you your entire life. You learn who your true friends are and as the words or actions that are said and done allows you to tell others to stick up for themselves.

When you hear of a bullying case in your family- ask yourself what would can I say that will help? Remember that the suicide rate for young adults and children has risen because of what is happening inside of their world.


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