Started a journey of a healthy lifestyle years ago. Mind, Body, Soul and a whole lot of determination. But yet there are days that are better than others. Days where you want to eat everything in sight no matter if you worked out or how many calories will be consumed.

I can speak for myself and some of my family members on eating what is not so healthy. But what is healthy and what isn’t? Where can we find the balance of having a treat a day and not feeling guilty or having a cheat day and knowing it is only going to last that ONE day and not the entire week, month, or year.

Balance…. it is something we all struggle with. I am not talking about balancing on one foot. Balance of life. As much we do in a 12-20 hour day depending on your sleep schedule; we seem to wonder when will I have ME time that does not include cooking meals, taking out the dog, cleaning the house, etc. Balance in a healthy lifestyle is critical to success.

But where do we start? Is it to get rid of all the temptations of sugary foods? Making time to have ME time, but also time for the gym, meals, friends, and family?

Balance is really tough; but is YOUR balance to YOUR life. Do not let anyone tell you what makes you happy.successful_balanced_and_healthy_lifestyle_program1


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